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February 12, 2008

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Everything You Wanted to Know about Frank VanderSloot (links to Frank VanderSloot related websites

February 12, 2008

Links to websites associated with Frank Vandersloot and companies he owns

Topic       –      Title

Melaleuca – Official website

Melaleuca – Information about their products

Melaleuca – Freedom Celebration information

Melaleuca – Koala Kids Academy preschool

Melaleuca – Melaleuca’s internet service

Melaleuca – Nicole Miller Cosmetics Website

Melaleuca – Vitality for Life weight Management website

Frank Vandersloot – Sandpoint Magazine

Frank Vandersloot – A monthly community service page by Melaleuca and Frank VanderSloot

Frank Vandersloot – Inc. 500 Hall of Fame Profile

Frank Vandersloot and Melaleuca – The Melaleuca Foundation Official Website (supporting orphans in Ecuador)

Frank Vandersloot – K-Bear 101 Radio Station owned by Frank VanderSloot

Frank Vandersloot – Z103 Radio Station owned by Frank VanderSloot

Frank Vandersloot – 105.5 The Hawk Radio Station

Frank Vandersloot – Official website for Riverbend Ranch

Frank Vandersloot – Official Website for the Fort Ranch cattle sale

Frank Vandersloot – News report about Frank Vandersloot being entered into the Inc. Idaho Hall of Fame

Frank VanderSloot wrote an article about the incredibly high quality of fans at Notre Dame university.

Frank VanderSloot – The Integrity Advantage – a best selling book that highly quotes Frank VanderSloot

Frank Vandersloot – Built on Solid Principles – a book with a partial biography of Frank VanderSloot

Frank VanderSloot – has a picture of the Frank VanderSloot Family

Frank Vandersloot – a website that appears to have a Vandersloot family history

Frank Vandersloot – ResCare News Article about one of the families Frank VanderSloot helped in the Hurricane Katrina crisis.

Frank Vandersloot – Another news article about the Crawford family

I know there’s more.  Post a comment to let me know of any links I might have missed.

Information About Frank VanderSloot

February 5, 2008

Frank VanderSloot is a prominent business man and rancher from Idaho.  He has been known for his involvement in his local community, donating to the the small town of Idaho Falls the largest fireworks display “west of the Mississippi” for more than 15 years, helping to save the jobs of dozens of milk farmers in Idaho, as well as his humanitarian support through the Melaleuca Foundation. Frank VanderSloot has been quoted in books, including “The Integrity Advantage” by Adrian Gostick and Dana Telford, had a pseudo-biography written about him in the book “Built on Solid Principles” by Richard M Barry. Frank VanderSloot and his businesses have also received several awards, including:

The Blue Chip Enterprise Award – from the US Chamber of Commerce
Entrepreneur of the Year – Presented by CNN and Earnst and Young
Healthy Workplace Award
Inc. 500 Hall of Fame

Environmental Excellence Award
Salvation Army
“The Others” award (their highest national civic award) – for help and support with Hurricane Katrina victims
(I believe there are others, if you know of one that is not listed, please post a comment here and I’ll get it added)

Frank VanderSloot lives the life of a traditional “family man” married to Belinda VanderSloot (previously Belinda Boyack) and together they have fourteen children and an unknown number of grandchildren. He grew up in a very poor family in the mountains of Northern Idaho.  Today, Frank VanderSloot’s businesses include:Melaleuca – The Wellness Company: A Health and Wellness company that manufactures safer for your home cleaning products, nutritional supplements, and Nicole Miller beauty productsRiverbend Ranch – One of the largest cattle ranches in the nation focusing on producing “Quality Genetics”Riverbend Communication – Radio stations delivering news and music to cities in south-east Idaho